About Bernice (Bernie) Winter

A.C.C.I., F.C.C.I.

Bernie has dedicated her 40 plus year career to improving condominium living for condominium owners.  She began her career in 1975 as an assistant to the administrator of a condominium management company, while attending SAIT studying Chemical Engineering Technology.  Due to allergies after completing the first year she changed her studies to Architectural drafting and soon found she reacted to the ammonia that the plans were cured with. During her challenges of finding a career to pursue that she was not allergic to, she continued to advance in the condo management company and soon advanced to leasing agent for new development projects.  She left the management and development company in 1986 she acquired her Real Estate License and found herself specializing in condo sales.  

In 1994, after recovering from some life changes, a divorce and a health issue, she gave up her real estate license and began her career as a condominium specialist. Recognizing the need for condominium buyers and owners to have access to accurate information Condo Check® was born.  Assisting developers with their disclosure packages and assisting buyers in understanding the obligations of condo ownership kept her busy.  After observing how overwhelmed buyers were with the documents provided, Bernice founded the condo document review service as a solution to the need for a process that simplified the ability of a buyer to remove the purchase conditions with confidence.  
In October of 2002 Bernice was recognized by the YWCA & the Global Network as a Woman of Vision in Calgary in the category of Entrepreneurism for pioneering the document review service.  In May 2003 she was honored by the National Chapter of the Canadian Condominium Institute with the presentation of the Fellow of the Canadian Condominium Institute (FCCI) designation. 
Bernice continues giving of her time to improve the information available to buyers, owners, condo board members and industry professionals.  A few of her contributions over the years include:
** author of the Calgary Herald “Condo Insight” column until 2007,
** written and delivered many hours of condominium seminars to boards members, owners and professionals across Alberta.
** committee member for the development of the CMHC Condo Guide for Condo Buyers
** author of the novel and resource guidebook, “10 Secrets to Surviving Life in a Condominium”.
* * passionate in representing the "Condominium Consumer" and their rights as buyers and owners, including the need for access to information.
** a past president of the Canadian Condominium Institute (CCI) Southern Alberta Chapter, and proudly the first woman to be elected as President of that Chapter Board.
** three years as chair of the education committee on the National Canadian Condominium Institute (CCI) Board of Directors.
** has volunteered on dozens of condominium committees over the years – locally and nationally – has been an active member of the Minister’s Stakeholders committee for the Condominium Legislation of Alberta since 1996. 
* a previous member of the RECA Advisory committee for the licencing of Condominium Managers. 
* * member of the Center for Public Legal Education (CPLEA) advisory committee developing condo info for consumers. www.condolawalberta.ca 
* * author of the Certified Condominium Specialist Program for CREB and the Condominium Fundamentals program for the PHBIA

Bernice's Short CV in a pdf file.

Bernice Presenting to Realtors at the CREB forum in 2005

Heather Bonnycastle LLP, QC presenting Bernice her Fellow of the Canadian Condominium Institute (F.C.C.I.) designation in 2003 

Bernice Presenting to a group of condo owners in 2014