Condo Buyers Beware

Are you aware that when you buy a condominium property you are investing you money into two things:

  1. Real Estate - A Property (villa, apartment, townhouse, commercial space, or other)
  2.  Ownership in a BusinessA Share in the business of the Condominium Corporation


  Would you invest $200,000 dollars in the stock market without investigating the risks or evaluating your potential of a return on that investment? Would how that investment is managed impact your confidence in investing your money?

Condo Check® recognizes the risk of buying a condominium without first knowing the facts of the business component. We understand that people buy condominiums primarily as a home, not because they are looking to invest in a business.  Are you aware that as a homeowner you are equally liable for the costs that may occur if the property is not managed and maintained?  There is no exception to paying the costs just for being a new resident or buyer. Condo fees can change at any time cash is needed and the same is true for special assessments (cash calls).

At Condo-Check, we bring over 35 years of knowledge and experience in condominium together to provide two services specific to achieving this transparency for buyers, sellers, lenders, and professionals who are seeking reliable data on the functionality of the condominium corporation:   Each Condo-Check consultant is required to complete an extensive Apprenticeship training and achieve a passing grade of 90%.  The consultant that prepares the written report is available for a consultation before you buy.  

Don't trust your biggest investment to chance... Call  Condo Check® before you buy, or if it's too late ~~~ to find out what you bought!

We provide the document review service anywhere in Canada.  Call our direct line to head office in Calgary at 403-509-2462 or email us at






The Articles and the Answers to the Questions found in this web site are for information purposes only and are not to be considered, in part or as a whole, as legal opinion. Condo Check,® its employees or affiliates bear no responsibility or liability for any outcome, positive or negative, that may result directly or indirectly from reading any of these stories or answers. The reader of the information in these Articles or Stories is therefore responsible for seeking direction from professionals, and ultimately, making their own independent decisions.

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